CommStrat is a High-touch, Boutique Communications Firm Dedicated to Breaking Through the Noise to Make a Real Impact

For more than 20 years, we have worked with some of the most impactful, transformative tech companies that run the gamut from security, FinTech and EdTech to AI/machine learning, consumer tech, pro bono/nonprofit and more.

We’re seasoned storytellers, strategists and out-of-the-box thinkers who are passionate about helping our clients make their goals and objectives a reality. Our high-touch, all-senior team is free of traditional agency bureaucracy enabling us to execute campaigns quickly and effectively.


Strategy and Skills
that Fuel Growth

Whether you’re a pre-market or early phase business in a critical make-or-break period or an established company on the brink of an IPO, we have the skills and connections to help you achieve success.


Media Exposure

Our multi-channel approach zeroes in on where your target audience goes for news and entertainment. Whether it’s tech, business or mainstream media, trade verticals, or bloggers, we raise our clients’ visibility in the places that matter most.


Pop Culture

Our deep pop culture expertise and TV/Hollywood connections quickly boosts our clients’ pop culture relevance. Our deep entertainment industry connections result in high-impact campaigns that stand out from the crowd.