Dick Costolo
Former CEO

While some of the biggest players in online content delivery and advertising were embracing our feed management services, we often found it challenging to communicate our story to the media. We came to understand that emerging technologies like ours are not necessarily best served by traditional PR agencies. In contrast, we found immediately that Wynne and her CommStrat team were more like us: small, nimble, and very in tune with trends in the online community. CommStrat fully grasped the value we add to publishers, advertisers, and users and expertly crafted compelling messaging that resonated with the business and trade press. The resulting press coverage and visibility had a profound impact on our business. FeedBurner is now a part of Google, and we believe that CommStrat made a significant contribution to our company’s success.

Cisco Consumer Products
Simon Fleming-Wood
VP America's Marketing

The nationwide press coverage CommStrat obtained for us was pivotal in enhancing our products’ credibility in the marketplace. Our successful media program was in large part responsible for the rapid expansion of our business.

Limelight Networks
Michael J. Sawyer
VP of Marketing

CommStrat is a virtual extension of our marketing department. We trust their judgment implicitly and have confidence in their ability to execute complex programs, on target, with little oversight.

Evan Marwell
CEO and Founder

Communicating our message clearly and persuasively was one of the biggest challenges we faced as we reached out to multiple audiences from politicians to business leaders, teachers, and district administrators. CommStrat helped us simplify the complicated technical and policy background information into a focused and powerful call to action. They executed an aggressive media outreach campaign getting the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. Our message was heard and it prompted action, including the modernization of the Federal Communications Commission’s $3.9 billion E-rate program and the passage of a $5 billion fund for Wi-Fi upgrades in every classroom in America.

Ronni Zehav
CEO and Co-Founder

As a startup with bold ideas and big plans, we needed a PR agency that shared those same traits and we found it with the CommStrat team. From our company’s founding until our recent acquisition, CommStrat has been our strategic partner for public relations and communications, helping us to create differentiation amid a crowded and fast-changing market category. Thanks to CommStrat and the hard-hitting PR effort they created, Cotendo became known for innovative technology and, despite our size, was able to land major customers and lucrative partnerships. With a solid communications platform, CommStrat helped us to fully maximize our PR program to meet our aggressive business goals. Working with CommStrat was easy as the team is small enough to provide personal attention, yet is very experienced and knowledgeable about both the industry and PR.

Nuvyyo – Tablo
Renata Scorsone
Vice President of Marketing

As a startup with a brand new product set to launch, our company signed on with CommStrat and hit the ground running. They helped us create a three-stage announcement strategy that included a crowd sourcing / early adopter component, a CES pre-launch for momentum building, followed by a steady news cycle. CommStrat was there to advise us on everything from naming to positioning to media outreach. Their experienced team worked as an extension of our marketing group and really dove in deep to fully understand our business. The resulting campaign created strong pre-market buzz for Tablo over the key months prior to shipping and helped to establish us positively with both cord-cutting enthusiasts and skeptics.

Green Dot Corporation
Candy Gebhart
Director of Marketing

We had experience with two large agencies before we partnered with CommStrat. In both cases, the agencies’ senior staff only got involved when there was an ‘issue.’ Since the CommStrat team is composed exclusively of experts, there just don’t seem to be any ‘issues.’ It’s just as if we added some really sharp people to our marketing department. CommStrat is an ideal agency for companies that are establishing new product categories or completely new technologies. They understand that many young companies don’t need or want a big-budget traditional PR campaign. We were immediately impressed by their ability to think outside the box to maximize the return on our promotional spend.

Hound Labs, Inc.
Jenny Lynn

CommStrat has been the perfect agency for our newly-formed company as we have grown and changed over the last five years. They have built and maintained relationships with journalists on our behalf, helped us tell our company’s story effectively, and been a trusted source of guidance. They have secured critical coverage and helped us achieve key company goals.

Pure Digital Technology
Simon Fleming-Wood
VP of Marketing

I have been absolutely amazed at the results we’ve gotten from CommStrat on a limited budget. I challenge anyone to match our return on PR investment. When I worked with large PR agencies, I got a little attention from the experienced staff and a lot of attention from the junior people. One of the benefits of working with CommStrat is the quality of thinking we receive from each member of the team.

Wilson Electronics
Brooke Musat
Director of Partner & Product Marketing

We worked with CommStrat for nearly 6 years. During that time, CommStrat was crucial part of the Wilson Electronics team, providing strategy, guidance, and media relations with consistent results. CommStrat helped to elevate our CEO’s social media presence, spearheaded our weBoost review program, and secured outstanding thought leadership and coverage opportunities for our executive team. If you’re looking for high-quality results from a hard-working team, look no further than CommStrat.